Welcome to Pour Souls

Pour Souls is Chicago’s newest interactive cocktailing concept. Our aim is simple – enable anyone and everyone to make fantastic cocktails on their own. Using fresh ingredients, small batch and craft spirits and hand made syrups, a great homemade cocktail is just a shake, stir or muddle away. Whether at our shop, at your home or your next event, Pour Souls seeks to bring our knowledge to you and take all the guesswork out of making great cocktails.

JUST ADDED – FORMER TOP CHEF CONTESTANT  SARA NGUYEN and POUR SOULS are teaming up for a Turkey 101 class. Join us as we walk you through the basics of brining, seasoning, roasting and carving a turkey, as well show you 3 seasonally inspired cocktails to pair with the bird. “Turkey 101” will take place on November 21, at 7:30 PM. Our good friends at Tenzing Wine and Spirits are lending us their beautiful kitchen and bar lab for the evening and are located at 165 N. Morgan (Morgan and Randolph). Paypal will be accepted, as well as SQUARE (email us for details) and QuickPay.
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Single Participant

Sara Nguyen – Sprout, Chicago and Top Chef Miami 

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