(Click here) to purchase tickets for “Pour Souls featuring Top Chef Sara Nguyen”  

Pour Souls Cocktail Club – Weekly Classes 

All Things [Spirits]”  Workshop – $30

Infusions” Workshop – $35

Doing It the Seasonal Way” Workshop – $35

Mixology 101” &  “Customizable Cocktails”  – $40

Pour Souls Interactive Group Mixology – $300

Interactive instruction on 3 cocktails, customized for your event for up to **8 people (more can certainly be added, see below). For all off-site workshops Pour Souls is available for free  purchasing consultation and will shop for and bring (or have delivered) ***all needed ingredients.

Length ~90 minutes (time is an estimate, based on a 3 cocktail workshop)

** After the 8 person maximum is reached, additional members can be added to a workshop for just $30 each. Groups of 20 or more are encouraged to contact Pour Souls for large group pricing.

***Pour Souls’ consultation services and supply of ingredients are free, but the COST of said ingredients will be the responsibility of the client. In some cases, Pour Souls reserves the right to request a portion (no more than half) of the final workshop cost up front to purchase ingredients, pay for deliveries, etc. The remainder of this sum can be paid upon completion of the workshop.

Pour Souls Bar-Catering Package:


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