About Us

Covering topics ranging from seasonality, infusion, the basics of mixology and the informative “All Things [Spirits]” classes, Pour Souls will be doing everything possible to create a more informed drinking public (view class schedule here). By creating an atmosphere where people are comfortable, encouraged and even EXPECTED to ask questions, Pour Souls looks to take the guesswork out of home-bartending and relieve some anxiety when entering any one of the city’s myriad of cocktail lounges.

BUT…you don’t HAVE TO come to us. In addition to the weekly offerings at our space, we will gladly come to your house, office,    off-premise event or anywhere else you’d like to have some informative, interactive mixology workshops (view event pricing here). Or hey, maybe you don’t really care that much about learning but you know that regular old bar-caterers aren’t for you. You know those guys…they bring whatever married bottles they have left over in the warehouse and some sweet and sour mix that is a shade of yellow that most human retinas can’t handle and charge you like it’s going out of style. Yea, we hate those guys too. Why not have someone bring hand-crafted syrups, fresh juices, and small-batch, great tasting spirits to your event? Well intelligent consumer, you’re in luck – Pour Souls does that too.

We know what you’re thinking…”How can I NOT call Pour Souls about my next event…or at least go to a class???” – well, we’re not going to argue with you, we think our case is pretty compelling also. Give us a call or shoot us an email, we’d love to be there the next time you and your friends are drinking.


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